Couples Therapy

Every couple experiences relationship challenges and conflict. Couples seek therapy when struggling with a particular conflict or event, or after a long period of distress. Often, couples arrive in therapy feeling disconnected from each other  and the relationship no longer feels safe or nurturing.

Through the use of emotionally focused therapy approach (EFT), I help couples become aware of destructive patterns. Within this awareness couples are able to reconnect with one another, strengthen their relationship,  and heal from emotional pain.

Emotionally focused couple therapy  helps couples change painful, negative cycles of interaction. EFT is a powerful process that deepens a couple’s emotional bond, restores intimacy, and creates secure connection. This process also help couples to see themselves and their partners in a new light, learn how to be comforted and comfort, moving from isolation to a safe connection.

In couples therapy I help couples become fully aware of unrecognized, unshared primary emotions and disconnecting secondary emotions.  This awareness can help spouses and  partners cultivate a greater awareness and acceptance of emotion, developing the ability to communicate primary and secondary emotions in powerful ways fostering a greater security of attachment and increased intimacy with partners, spouses, and others.

Together we will work on creating a more connected partnership by:

  • Staying emotionally engaged and available
  • Establishing new positive patterns of communication
  • Creating safe and secure bonds between partners and spouses
  • Expressing your needs clearly and directly and in a way your partner can respond to
  • Come to know yourself and your partner in more emotional ways creating a deeper connection